What’s the question we get most often? Why the name Punt Road? Well, make yourself comfortable, here’s the story.

Melbourne 1856, a photo is taken on the Richmond side of the Yarra River looking south. Yes, on Punt Road, 3km from the centre of Melbourne. It shows the river and the punts (boats) used to cross before there was a bridge. Take a look at the hill across the river that is now Punt Hill, South Yarra. It’s covered in one of Victoria’s first commercial vineyards. Growing conditions were likely perfect with north facing slope, ideal climate, plentiful water.
The property was owned and developed by the Ogilvy family, who named it Airlie Bank after their family estate back in Scotland. Roll on a few years to 1860 and a young Swiss immigrant, Hubert De Castella, was developing a large property in Coldstream, Yarra Valley. 200 acres of vines were planted on what is now our land and these vines were at least partly grown from cuttings sourced from the Airlie Bank vineyard in Melbourne. Multiple awards for the wines followed, both in Australia and Europe. In researching the history of our property, the names Punt Road and Airlie Bank stood out as a way to celebrate the land’s links back to those wine pioneering days well before federation.

We love to be forward thinking here, but sometimes it’s just as satisfying looking back.

And in news just in, the No.1 restaurant in the world of 2017, New York’s ‘Eleven Madison Park’ again have their pop up Summer House in East Hampton, this year featuring the Punt Road 2017 Pinot Gris pouring by the glass.

It’s the only Australian wine pouring and perfect with their Lobster tempura dish.

Oh to be in The Hamptons!